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What We Do

Our Services


We service 155 locations worldwide spanning 6 continents with door-to-airport and door-to-door functionality.


Gassendi holds its own refining accounts in the UAE. Our refining partners are audited annually by the LBMA and OECD thus ensuring the highest quality service.


In need of a vaulting services in the UAE? We got you covered! We offer access to auditable vaulting facilities with the highest level of security.


With industry experts heading up our trading team we give clients the best prices with the fastest turnaround time.

Swaps & Transfers

These services can be beneficial for clients who want to take advantage of market opportunities, manage risk, or simplify their financial portfolios.

Foreign Currency Pricing Model

The mode uses sophisticated algorithms and mathematical models to project future exchange rate movements, enabling clients to make informed decisions about their foreign currency transactions.

Customs Clearance

As a service to clients, customs clearance can offer many benefits, including streamlined processes, faster transit times, reduced risks of shipment delays, and lower costs associated with compliance and compliance-related activities.

OTC Hedging & Risk

We work with clients to identify potential risk exposures and develop strategies to reduce or eliminate them. This includes analyzing market conditions, developing hedging strategies, executing trades, and monitoring the effectiveness of the strategies.

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