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What We Do

Our Services


Our global reach extends to 155 key destinations across 6 continents, ensuring seamless and efficient door-to-airport and door-to-door operations. Emphasizing our commitment to unparalleled service, we guarantee timely and secure delivery to all corners of the globe.


Gassendi proudly maintains exclusive control over its refining accounts within the UAE. Our esteemed refining partners undergo rigorous annual audits conducted by the LBMA and OECD, guaranteeing an unparalleled commitment to excellence and the delivery of superior-quality services.


Are you seeking robust vaulting solutions in the UAE? Look no further. Our distinguished services provide unparalleled access to meticulously auditable vaulting facilities fortified with the utmost levels of security. Trust us to safeguard your precious assets with unwavering precision and vigilance.


With a powerhouse of industry experts spearheading our trading team, we ensure unparalleled pricing coupled with an expedited turnaround time for our esteemed clients.

Swaps & Transfers

Our array of services serves as a strategic tool for clients seeking to capitalize on market opportunities, adeptly navigate risk, or streamline their financial portfolios.

Foreign Currency Pricing Model

Utilizing intricate algorithms and advanced mathematical models, our platform accurately forecasts forthcoming fluctuations in exchange rates. This precise analysis empowers our esteemed clientele to execute well-informed judgments when conducting foreign currency transactions.

Customs Clearance

Our commitment to clients extends to an array of advantageous services, with customs clearance at the forefront. Our streamlined processes not only ensure efficient transit times but also significantly minimize the risks of shipment delays. By prioritizing compliance, we substantially cut down on associated costs, fostering an environment conducive to seamless operations.

OTC Hedging & Risk

We work with clients to identify potential risk exposures and develop strategies to reduce or eliminate them. This includes analyzing market conditions, developing hedging strategies, executing trades, and monitoring the effectiveness of the strategies.

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