About Us

Gassendi is a global precious metals company specializing in the transport and refining of precious metals based in Dubai. We are a licensed, regulated and audited company.

At Gassendi we understand that our high end clients require specialized services and investment platforms. It's how we've come to secure our reputation as a reliable partner in the UAE.

With profound respect for these commodities and those who invest in them, Gassendi provides a preferred platform for asset and investment growth. This allows us to assist our clients in buying gold in a way that works for them. 

Gassendi services include the sale of precious metals, vaulting, refining, customs clearance and logistics. With exceptional service at the heart of the Gassendi promise, our knowledgeable team will guide you through the most beneficial ways to ensure your asset growth.

At  Gassendi good service wins the game.

Our team draws from the experience of refinery ownership of the biggest refinery in the UAE as well as  CEO level positions held in the United State, Canada and Malaysia.

We are the winning team for your business.

Experienced Leadership