Our Mission

At Gassendi we believe tradition is merely peer pressure from dead people. We are shaping the future of how the world moves gold to and from Dubai and refreshing the days of stagnated ways stuck in the past. We are redefining what it means to ship precious metals in a digital age.

Our Story

Founded on the principal of disrupting how gold is shipped around the world from Dubai our team of like minded individuals join forces to unite their shared experience and start a new way of shipping gold.


For far too long has the market been dominated by bullies purely because of a lack of choice. We are here to assist our clients in various aspects of their gold purchasing projects reaching beyond mere logistics.


Our clients will enjoy better rates than ever before while being part of a team who are committed to the rolling out of various digital strategies which will make it easier for clients to ship, pay and locate their shipments.

Our leadership team consists of a talented group of individuals spanning the world of a gold refining, trading, international business and global tax experience. 

Drawing from history of experience gained in London, The Hague, New York, Amsterdam, Toronto, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi and Dubai we have a global perspective in everything we do.

Experienced Leadership