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Dubai is a major international hub and with over 250 flights departing every 24hrs it is one of the most vital routes of international trade and commerce especially relating to the import and export of precious metals.

Gassendi  has secured the reputation as a leader in precious metals logistics. We have the necessary trade licenses and import permits to provide logistics, clearance and warehousing solutions required for precious metals which our clients demand in the rewarding Dubai market.

At Gassendi we handle the complex task of organizing and clearing your shipments from over 155 international airports to Dubai through customs as quickly and efficiently as possible. We ensure that all customs and statutory requirements are complied with in Dubai.

Owners of precious metals will be guided by Gassendi experts through the procedure to follow. Clients will retain ownership of their goods throughout as Gassendi functions merely as clearing agents acting on instructions from our clients.

Should clients wish to travel and carry their product in-cabin, depending on quantity, we offer the option of assisting with clearing the product in-terminal at Dubai airport instead of having to move through the cargo hanger.

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With the combined experience of our team, we are able to provide a full cost analysis of the logistics requirements for your precious metals providing a turnkey solution from start to finish giving you all the information needed to make well informed decisions for your logistics needs.

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